A precise examination of the

in-between allows us to define situations and leads toward

a method of negotiating the space that lies between private and public.


A project in the framework of the centenary of the Swiss Werkbund

SWB 2013


We furnish our apartments cozily and comfortably, but out in the streets, we are often delighted to encounter unfamiliar people. Everything that is framed by these two realms can be referred to as the «in between.» Our route from private to public is subdivided by multiple transitions: the threshold of the doorway, the door peephole, the welcome mat, the elevator or staircase, the lobby or foyer, the street door, mailboxes, front yard, all the way to the edge of the sidewalk.


We traverse this in-between zone on a daily basis, but why do we so rarely perceive it in a conscious way? All the more since it is central to our conception of home and of the realm that lies beyond it, of intimacy and of neighborliness. Emerging there is both contact and conflict. To explore these questions about the residential environment at the intersection of perception, planning, and use was the aim of the four events that conclude with a publication.

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